Drug Withdrawal in Pharr, TX

The pain of withdrawal isn't necessarily a valid reason to hesitate to quit, however; pain is only a factor if you're arrested, or if you try to quit on your own. It's possible to seek medical help at a detox center in order to quit. At a center for drug withdrawal in Pharr, TX, there are, perhaps, more treatments for painless detox than any other center.

A great number of addicts hesitate to do something about their condition for the simple reason that they fear drug withdrawal. Most have informally tried quitting on their own at least once, or have seen what others go through when they try. Some have seen their addicted friends arrested, and have heard horror stories of how they've spent nights without drugs in holding cells wracked with pain and lying in their own vomit.

One of the ways in which the brain responds is to trigger a defense mechanism. The brain tries to fight the misuse of its circuits, by lowering or suppressing the amount of pleasure it will allow itself to feel in response to a dose of a drug. This is tolerance, the well-known lowering of pleasurable response that drug users experience.

The tolerance defense mechanism, however, does have its limits. Substance abusers usually counter rising tolerance by taking ever-increasing quantities of drugs. At some point, the brain's tolerance defense mechanism is simply overwhelmed. When this happens, the brain adapts to the presence of drugs in the system, rather than fight it. Once the brain adapts to the presence of drugs, however, it can no longer function without them.

When you attempt to quit, the brain needs to re-establish chemical balance. It is a process that takes several days. While the brain goes about the task, however, its chemical balance fluctuates. It is this fluctuation that creates the much-feared symptoms seen during withdrawal.

If you continue to stay on drugs simply because you fear the pain of withdrawal, it isn't a good plan. You do need to quit at some point. The earlier you get off drugs, the easier withdrawal and the rehab that follows it, become. You also retain control, something you wouldn't get if you happened to get arrested, or to land up in hospital one day.

How Does Drug Detox Help?

Medical detox helps with drug withdrawal through applying a variety of medications to the symptoms that surface. They are different for everyone, and require close, careful administration. From benzodiazepines for convulsions, seizures, anxiety and agitation, to methadone, naltrexone, subutex or Suboxone for the cravings, and sedatives for insomnia, there are many drugs that are expertly applied.

The aim of drug detox is to help get you painlessly through the withdrawal process. It's important to understand, though, that not all rehabs truly offer painless treatment for drug withdrawal. There are two requirements that you need to keep in mind when you look for a rehab -- inpatient rehab in Pharr and a policy of around-the-clock monitoring by qualified medical personnel capable of administering medications at a moment's notice.

In inpatient or residential treatment, you check into the detox center to spend your detoxification under the caring and watchful eye of the medical professionals. Not only do you receive instant care when pain shows up, you get to live in an environment where you're taken care of. You get to focus entirely on getting better.

What Happens After Drug Detox?

Drug detox helps you go through the withdrawal process pain-free. At the end of the process, your brain should be in good enough condition to function the way it should, without fear of withdrawal symptoms or cravings. The improvements delivered by detox, however, are not to be mistaken for a thorough freedom from drugs. This is why it's essential to seek treatment for drug withdrawal in Pharr.

The effects of addiction on the brain are such that the cravings always return. The only thing they can do is to learn psychological skills to help navigate a path away from them. Psychological skills can be very effective, but you do need to commit. You learn them at a drug and alcohol treatment center, right after medical detox in Pharr.

It's important to remember that drug detox isn't same everywhere. It's up to you to find a center that is effective. It doesn't have to be a luxury destination -- just one that offers treatment to scientific principles.

When you find that, it's all downhill from there. Call a rehab for drug withdrawal in Pharr if you'd like a tour of a drug withdrawal treatment facility run on evidence-based principles. Call now for help (956) 429-3154.

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