Inpatient Rehab in Pharr, TX

Of the 13,000 or so addiction treatment centers that there are around the country, only about 6% offer residential or inpatient rehab where the patient checks in for intensive treatment. Inpatient rehab in Pharr, TX is one of these rare rehab types.

Inpatient rehab for addiction is important in certain kinds of addiction disorder; it is indicated as the only option to take when there are complications such as dual diagnoses. Considering that such complications appear in most cases, it's easy to see that most rehabs simply aren't equipped to treat most patients.

One reason for the reluctance that rehabs experience in offering the more involved form of care is simply that it tends to take greater expertise and investment. The other reason is that while more than 50% of patients do suffer from complications and need inpatient care, only 1% actually opt for it. It's a smaller market.

Patients tend to reject inpatient care for reasons of cost, and the greater demands placed on their time. It can be genuinely hard for many with jobs and families to fall off the grid and get into treatment for months.

What Does Outpatient Treatment Look Like?

In outpatient rehab, patients come in 3 to 5 times each week at times that are convenient to them. Each session lasts three or four hours, during which time they receive therapy, treatment and medication. Random drug tests are conducted to ensure sobriety and compliance.

Patients accepting outpatient care get to live at home, go to work or to school. Unfortunately, these very advantages can be the greatest downside to outpatient treatment. The problem is that addicts are unlike regular people -- they face very powerful cravings each day. Not only can they be powerful, they can play tricks on the mind, as well, undermining any resolve that one may have.

In the face of the forces, it can simply be very hard for patients to stay sober. It is for this reason that outpatient treatment come with alarming attrition rates -- 30% of patients drop out in the first month, and 50% leave by three months. By comparison, inpatient treatment programs enjoy a near-zero dropout rate.

In outpatient treatment, patients do technically receive the therapy and the medication needed that they would get in inpatient treatment. It is the part that tends to get patients and their families mixed up. Why pay thousands more when it's possible to access same treatment for far less in outpatient rehab, they ask themselves.

The truth is, support, not medication or therapy, is the most important and powerful aspect of addiction treatment of any kind. Addiction is a psychological disorder, and it takes psychological strength to battle it.

The greater the level of personal, emotional support by caregivers, the more engaged patients have been proven to be, and the more successful treatment is. In outpatient treatment, such support falls entirely on the family, who may or may not be able to provide it.

This is where inpatient treatment comes through. It comes with deep, compassionate, all-encompassing support. It is an important reason why inpatient treatment simply succeeds at high rates.

What Is Inpatient Treatment Like?

Certainly, inpatient treatment is much more expensive than outpatient treatment. What it offers, however, is a far improved rate of success. Since an addiction that doesn't get better simply costs you your whole life, it would make sense to not grudge the expense that treatment involves. That's why it's essential to seek programs for addiction treatment in Pharr.

There is no one typical inpatient rehab program. There are all kinds. Some are all about luxury with little actual treatment, while others offer luxury as well as quality treatment.

Some are middle-of-the-road in the luxury department, and may or may not offer evidence-based treatment taken from research and science-based principles. As an example of the kind of treatment that you might expect to receive at a quality inpatient treatment facility, here is what you see when you arrive at an inpatient rehab in Pharr, TX.

When you arrive at an inpatient rehab center, you are first put through an exhaustive intake assessment program where you are evaluated by experts in multiple fields -- addiction, medicine, psychology and psychiatry. You receive an exhaustive diagnosis, and are admitted to the program. Experts formulate a detailed road plan involving the kinds of treatment that you are to receive, the level of support, and the rehabilitation plan that you need.

As medical detox in Pharr starts, you receive close medical attention to ensure that you face as little pain or discomfort as possible, and you attend individual and group therapy, psychiatric treatment, and life skills coaching. You get to socialize with caregivers and with fellow patients, get exercise, eat healthy meals and talk and share as much as you need. You receive vocational training if you need it, and are constantly evaluated for progress.

It's intuitive to see that a greater level of care does equate to better results. It only happens if you choose a great rehab, however. Talk to one of the experts at a center for inpatient rehab in Pharr (956) 429-3154.

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